5 Ways to Make this Easter’s Celebration Count!

Easter Photo

Easter is one of our most celebrated holidays as a family due to what it means to our Christian Faith.   I’m all for getting the kids some candy and Easter baskets, but we try to keep the focus on what matters most in our celebration.   If we don’t intentionally plan to make that day count, it will be just another day off work, a nice service at church and my children having more of a sweet tooth.

Below are just five simple ways that we strive as a family to keep the meaning in Easter.   I’m sure you have others and I certainly would love to hear about them.   Enjoying some of the aspects of your culture around the holiday I think is also important.   It’s amazing how many memories children will keep from these times so let’s make them as impactful as possible.

    1. Celebrate the true meaning: Paul said that without the resurrection, our Christian faith is a miserable state.   This is one of the bedrock truths that is very important to pass onto our children.   We can begin imparting this truth very early in a child’s life. Because of Jesus rising from the dead, death has no more power to condemn us for eternity. It’s also resurrection power that gives us the strength to overcome those strongholds in our life. If you have never begun a relationship with Jesus, why don’t you begin one today?!
    2. Have traditions: With the internet at our fingertips, there’s no lack of resources for starting some exciting traditions.   You could also start with the things you experienced as a child if you haven’t already. You can check out my Youtube video here Easter Traditions , for some of the fun things that we do (with links below). Hopefully you’ve found a local church to attend on Easter Sunday-here are some additional fun traditions below:
    3. Focus on others: Anytime my children receive gifts, I try to remind them that every good thing does come from God and there are plenty of people around the world that don’t have the opportunity to receive such things.   Teaching your children to be grateful really helps keep the focus off of their circumstances and on the needs of others.   There’s people that don’t have money, are lonely, confused about what to believe, suffering or maybe just down on life that you and your children can reach out too. Easter is certainly a good time to do that.
    4. Take time to enjoy: We look at holidays as a time to finally get a break from work, spend time with family and maybe go on vacation. Although all of these are valid and true, there’s so much rich meaning to be enjoyed and passed onto our children.   It’s very easy to allow work and unimportant things to creep into our time spent with family, but make a commitment to be in the moment as you celebrate Easter.
    5. Make it memorable: Don’t just go through the motions, use some creativity and the imagination that God gave you. If this is particularly hard for you, Google Easter traditions or do a search on Pinterest.  Make this a year to remember with the whole family!

So let’s agree that this Easter is going to be different. Focus on the message and making an impact in your child’s life through positive memories. Impart not only great traditions, but most importantly, some spiritual truths that can change their life!  I look forward to hearing some of your ideas and comments.





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